'Evil isn't born, it's made.'

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WAIT……I just had a thought. Regina should have died. That was the point no one could survive this…however it was her using magic and Emma passing through the magic barrier…..true love has the power to transcend realms yadda yadda yadda….does it not just look like in this gif Regina has realized something?
Am I the only one who has had this random thought…should I stop drinking the kool-aid lol

please never stop drinking the kool-aid

No, never stop. Regina has to have been piecing this shit together for  a long ass time now. There’s no way she cannot, the evidence gets thrown at her in droves. PLUS, she got some sort of insight when she got knocked on her ass and suddenly “understood” what she had to to do in S3 to stop Pan’s curse… I just wonder what it was. No one is that emotional over someone they hate when they say goodbye, nor clings to them until they have to leave. REGINA KNOWS SWAN QUEEN STUFF AND THINGS.


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Evenings: Emma



“Evenings really are the best part of day.” Emma silently mused to herself while she made her way up to the porch of the house and started digging in her pockets in search for her key.

Evenings , those were the times when one could finally lay down and escape hours full of nothing but…